Not Milk

This series is an exploration of the modern gaze; of ambiguous figurative paintings that are revealed and transformed within the act of the individuals' views. These portraits are not an attempt to render physical characteristics but rather create a language of underlying sexual subtexts. Using ambiguity as a tool demands the viewer's exploration of their psyches and provokes self awareness.


To have a painting that can exist as an alluring object and shift into an eroticized figure disarms and naturalizes the modern gaze; decriminalizing sex in art. Whether an individual sexualizes the figure, or becomes embarrassed and nervous by the mere suggestion, this is all a process which occurs independently from the painting. Breaking down barriers of the different modes in which the body can exist in social spheres and contemporary art.


Ivan Alifan
August 1989
Rostov on Don, Russia


B.F.A. Drawing & Painting, OCADU University. 2013
OCAD University off campus studies. Florence, Italy


Mercedes Benz Financial Services Award
"Untapped" Immerging Artist Project Award
Nora E. Vaughan Award
OCADU Grad Ex Medal Award Winner



New American Paintings issue 110
Le Petit Voyer issue 3
Paintguide vol 1




“Artists of the now” Allouche Gallery, New York , Jan
“Liquid group show” Liquid Gallery , Art pier 94 New York, May
“Sweets” Galerie LeRoyer , Montreal , Canada, June
“Collectives” Joseph Gross Gallery , New York , Feb

"New Blood", The Unit Gallery, London, UK , April
“Paint Guide” The Unit Gallery, London, UK, May
“Unveiled” Galerie LeRoyer , Montreal , Canada, August

Group show ,Youn, Quebec, CA, December
Internation Art Fair Toronto,Canada, October
"Stranger than Fiction" Jonathen Levine Gallery, New York , August
"The anniversary" , The Unit Gallery, London, UK, August
"7 Sins", The Unit Gallery, London, UK , April

Face to Face, Edwards Day Gallery, Toronto, ON
Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto, ON
Artist Project, Toronto , February
Annual Graduate Exhibition, OCADU, Toronto, ON

Red-Dot Miami Art Show
Hermitage Museum student show, St. Petersburg Russia
Art Expo, Toronto, April
Art Expo, New York, March
Bronze Frog Gallery, Oakville, November

OCAD University Florence Campus, "Vestiges". Florence, Italy
Art Expo, New York , March
Bronze Frog Gallery, Oakville, November